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Address: Sofia 1592,
12, Ilia Beshkov Str., fl.2
Phone: +359 2/ 4651860
Fax: +359 2/ 641124
Mobile: +359 89/ 9773443
  • Georgi Ivanchev
Contact Person:
  • Georgi Ivanchev

Scope of activity:

The company offers a wide range of products, solutions and services for the industry, public and private sector:
  • Electromagnet and motor membrane dosing pumps for all types of liquids;
  • Eccentric, screw dosing pumps for polymer fluids;
  • Water softening installations;
  • UV installations for water disinfection;
  • Polyelectrolyte installations for preparing and dosing of powdery chemicals;
  • Ozone generating installations;
  • Industrial micro filters;
  • Installations type Membrane technologies;
  • Sensors and controllers for measurement and adjustment;
  • Self-cleaning sand filters;
  • Legionella safety systems;
  • Gauges for open drains, full and partially full pipes;
  • Containers for storing and dosing of liquid chemicals with complete packing.

Partnership with foreign companies:

Nivus, Pentair, Walchem, Iwaki pumps, Sewec, Grundfos, Oltremare, Trios, Inge