Electronics, Automation, Electric Equipment - Catalogue of the Companies in Bulgaria


Address: Sofia 1000,
Vitosha, 20, Dimitar Yablanski Str.
Mobile: +359 87/ 8885880
Contact Person:
  • Alexander Angelov

Scope of activity:

    Alexander Electric is a company engaged in full engineering in the electrical distribution field, dsign of electrical installations, electrical services and automation systems.
    Our services include everything needed for the full set up and functioning of an electrical installation: from control boards and lighting to BMS and complete installations.
  • Electrical construction:
    Full set up of electrical installations in new buildings;
    Repair and maintenance of old and newly built electrical installations;
    Design based on the characteristics and architecture of the building;
    Assembly of control boards, replacement and repair of old electrical installations;
    A wide range of solutions for interior and exterior lighting.
  • Automation:
    Repair and maintenance of all automation systems;
    New solutions integration with existing automation systems;
    Establishment of automated building installations.
  • Low-voltage installations: Structural wiring for cable television, computer and telephone networks, intercoms and ringing installations,
    Design, construction and maintenance of videomonitoring systems.